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Lens Academy is an AGNOSTIC AD TECH CERTIFIER, providing courses on data driven advertising.

Thanks to our many partnerships with local and international associations, Lens Academy provides companies with an all-round education on  digital advertising topics, with specific emphasis on programmatic and data driven advertising.

Our training courses can be taken via Elearning  or in Workshop, with proprietary Technology Solution.

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IAB Academy is the IAB Italy online educational service that provides learning programs for digital advertising professionals. IAB Academy offers:

  • Certification programs
  • Learning paths
  • Vertical Courses

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The Lens Academy coaches cover many topics concerning programmatic and data driven advertising, all available on our PRO SERIES COURSES.

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Andrea Trapani - Programmatic Specialist - Lens Academy

ANDREA TRAPANI –  Programmatic Specialist certified by Lens Academy

I’ve found the Programmatic Specialist course brilliant. The learning path is clear and guided me to understand all the digital ecosystem. The course enabled me to get in-depth knowledge in this industry. Before starting the course, I was very confused about acronyms and what programmatic really means for advertising. Now I have a clear overview of what the logics are and how the main ad tech platforms work. Strongly suggested!

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FEDERICA GRIGLIONE-  Programmatic Specialist certified by Lens Academy

Consiglio vivamente a tutti colori i quali desiderano avere una formazione completa sul programmatic e una certificazione in merito, di seguire il corso proposto da Lens Academy. Le lezioni sono chiare e permettono una rapida comprensione dell’argomento anche a chi ancora a digiuno. La scansione in moduli permette di ricevere indicazioni generiche su digital e avvento del programmatic, per poi passare a nozioni specifiche buy side e sell side. I test di fine lezione e fine modulo, sono un ottimo strumento di ripasso. Il team è sempre a disposizione per chiarire dubbi e offrire approfondimenti. Ottimo il rapporto qualità/prezzo.

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